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small Street food to large festival builds



We pride ourselves on our festival and street food appearance and always look to build units that best suit the event or space we have. 

From large music festivals to smaller local events we have a variety of units built to best suit the space available at the event we are lucky to caterer at. 


Here's a quick run down or our builds -  


classic duck unit

The classic festival build, designed to standout in a line of catering units yet look very festival build like.

The unit works well in a festival food court alongside other great caterers. Single banner facing out the unit has height and really shouts what Kwackers offers. 

Designed for large high out put the unit can handle long busy periods and keep waiting times down efficiently. 



The corner builds are crazy and look the biz, serving food from two sides with two full sets of teams the corner units are designed for the big events. 

No one really wants to wait to long and with the corner units we have the capacity to reduce our waiting or queing time by over half.

The corner builds work best for festivals and events that have corner site that often have one side harris fenced off. This way we turn often neglected space into a street food unit. 


food unit

Small, cute yet packs a punch, quick easy build to work at almost any street food event. Live cooking really focusing on the customer experience. 

Everything is in view so the customer sees their order being complied and served to them. 

Designed for smaller events allowing the team to build, serve and break down all in one day. 

This really is all about the street food experience !


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